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7 Ubon Ratchathani Wonders not to be missed!

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1. Wat Phra That Nong Bua

Wat Phra That Nong Bua
Wat Phra That Nong Bua Wat Phra Dhammakaya is one of the most important temples. Of Ubon Ratchathani The temple has an interesting architecture. Phra Chedi Si Maha Pho Created to symbolize the 25th century of Buddhism in the year 2500, Phra That Chedi Si Maha Pho. The model is from the pagoda at Bodh Gaya. India The place contains the relics. Around the relics are walled glass, which the four corners of the wall have enshrined four small pagodas.
When walking in, it can feel the majestic beauty. With golden eyes glitter It shows the fine architecture. It is beautifully recorded.

2. Pools and Palaces

Corridor of natural phenomena caused by erosion of water. The wind and the sun look like a rock set up. The top of the stone is placed adjacent to each other look like mushrooms. If you have to take a picture with a pole. The greater the clarity.
The cliff has many beautiful natural features. With abundant forest conditions. Wildlife And there is a beautiful sunrise and the first to see the sun before anyone.

3. Chom nak Hin Kaeng Chom Dao

Hin Chom
He told me that … at the rocky beach, the shape was huge. In the Mekong There will be rocks in the middle of the water to see. Villagers believe that to find this stone. It is the spotlight on the sky and the most beautiful colors. The first light of dawn. And sea stars. Glittering in the night sky at Kaeng Chom Dao, Natal, Ubon Ratchathani. Stone ridges with a beautiful pattern. Many people mistakenly think that is the same with three thousand wave. The star is smaller than Kaeng. But the surface of the stone is much clearer.

4. Swan Beach

Swan Beach
Swan beach is a vast desert, which is caused by the flow of water and sediment sand. Another attraction to visit. If you are visiting three thousand waves to Rocky beach to Salu Beach, one must go to Swan Beach by the time many people say that very cool. It is an evening sunset. Will see the beauty of the gold. The light shining white sand glistening. It is said that the beach. Must come jump sand dunes. Soon to release the body fully. To be called to arrive completely. I saved the image. It’s a very cool moment.

5. Sirindhorn Temple, Phra Phrao

Wat Sirindhorn Vararam Phrao
Wat Sirindhorn, Ramkhamhaeng Phrao, Sirindhorn is a beautiful sunset. Including the ideal for viewing stars. If you are lucky, you may find the giant roan of the rope shining in the sky. The atmosphere is quiet. When tourists visit it. I must certainly remember. The highlight is at the back of the temple. The artwork featured with the image of Kalapapruek. At night the glow will appear. The magic of the building in the beautiful nature.

6. Three Waves

Three Waves
Three thousand waves are rocky rapids under the Mekong River. The area of ​​Ban Pong Pao Tambon Ngam Ngam Pho Sai. Three thousand waves are underwater beauty. It appears only in the drought. During the season, many rocks are submerged under the ground. The splendor of the rock was eroded until it dented.
“Waving” is a name in Laos, also referred to as a deep well in the rapids of the Mekong River. There are different shapes. Some small Some are ovals, stars, circles, and many other images, as we can imagine, more than 3,000 or 3 waves.

7. Thung Nong Ya Horse

Thung Nong Ya Horse
Thung Nong Ya, Nonkong House, Khwang Khwang, Warinchamrab Ubon Ratchathani The beauty of the bloom during December to January with a variety of wildflowers. With a vast area far from the eye. But now it is only flowers and silver buttons. Because of drought And the discontent of tourists.

Suggest that if you come to Nong Ya Horse. Should take a walk in the area. To go to sleep to take photos conveniently. But let’s not let it down in the field of flowers. It is a natural resource.

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