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Allow visitors to take pictures as if they were taking a puzzle to complete the image


The wall next to the garden behind the Chalerm Phrakiat Temple will tell about the culture. The Ko Kret pottery is unique with carving patterns. Durian, Mueang Non, Thepha, Fiat car and clock tower Old City Hall, Nonthaburi Mon Songkran Festival And famous desserts Each picture has a gimmick for us to participate in posing with that picture. Depending on who will leverage the idea to post


For the cement platform, which is 10 seats, depict as a 3D image. There will be a point to know where to take pictures from. Very chic Especially food paintings And there is a cushion underneath


Taking photos of Street Art Nonthaburi with a lot of fun. As well as eating art that helps to edify Plus the weather is good, right next to the Chao Phraya River, with cool wind blowing throughout Each image is something that many people probably know and are familiar with. Only from the real thing that has been seen as a drawing Makes me feel like a gosh, beautiful and is just so close Called almost as part of Bangkok.


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