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Cebu Tour

– Fly to Cebu with airline philippine airlines.
– Take the bus to Oslob city for 4-5 hours.
– Walk for the exotic food in the market grill grilled chicken good for the heart, but cruel to the kidney. 5555+ # Mango ice cream in the seven best.

– wake up to 5 to swim with the big brother Ohhhhhh !!! Very deep !! It’s so big, it’s so nice to take it home.
– Go to Sumilon Island for a break. I’m not sure what to do.

– Chartered car to Badian city for Canyoneering activities.
At this point, if the child will tell the ball to take the ball and the ball of the child to 55555+. I have to ask for life. I have a whisper from that leg. Leave this place
– Go snorkeling and stay in Moalboal city with the Pescador Island Tour Package. There are 3 activities.
1. Scuba Diving at Pescador Island Dip to the fertile descent. # Hit the mouth not say The camera is not 2% with real.
2. See the millions of dolphins. We’re going to the same way.
3. swim with turtles Actually, it’s pretty shady.

– Before hiring a motorcycle, drive him up to Osmena Peak for about an hour or so. Scenic view, waiting screen . This is cool !!!
– Stop shopping for souvenirs. To see the banana roll with the screen waiting to turn again and then delicious banana wrapped with fried spinach powder coated sweet sugar lightly.
– Back to the airport charges 750php each other never know. If you do not know, fly straight 55555+

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