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Chom Sawan Temple

The only ancient temple in Phrae Created with Bagan art (Burma), there are beautiful and valuable artifacts and antiques. This temple is special, with only one wooden chapel which is both a temple and a cloister. In the same building The building is built entirely of teak. There is a small roof large cascading into a total of 9 floors. Currently, the Fine Arts Department has registered the ancient temple Chomsawan as a national treasure.The hallmark of the chapel is the woodwork pattern. And the decoration of stained glass around the ceiling The interior shows exquisite craftsmanship. Pillars and ceilings decorated with beautiful stained glass There are two stairs up front and decorated with brass. Hit and punch into the Burmese pattern The wooden post in the gilded building is a gilded church. Decorative pattern like gold water Have text in Burmese language Inscribed around the pillars, a total of 35, 14 other pillars, lacquer gilded and decorated with stained glass Inside the chapel, enshrined the image of the Burmese Pang Kantharath Buddha statue. In addition, there are Buddha statues made from woven bamboo, lacquered, gilded, Burmese art. This Buddha statue is one of the important Buddha statues that Phrae people respect.

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