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Phu Soi Dao

Phu Soi Dao National park occupies an area of 48,962.5 rai or 58,750 acres of land. The park has a cool climate all year round due to its height at 2,102 meters above sea level. Phu Soi Dao national park borders Laos and is home to several species of wild flowers. The park has several attractions that includes a savanna field situated within the dense pine trees and the five tier Phu Soi Dao waterfall near the park office. A 4-5 hour hike up the mountainous trail brings you to Larn Paa Son where you can stay over night. Visitors should stop at Sai Tip waterfall during their way to Larn Paa Son to admire the moss and lichen covered cliff. Visitors can reach Phu Soi dao from Phitsanulok by taking the highway to Wat Bot and Ban Pong Cae, then heading towards Chat Trakan District and to Phu Soi Dao for a total distance of 177 kilometers or from Phitsanulok towards Nakhon Thai District, then to Chat Trakan, and finally to Phu Soi Dao for a total distance of 154 kilometers. Six public buses depart for Phu Soi Dao from Phitsanulok at 06.00, 07.20, 09.30, 11.30, 12.50, and 16.50 hrs. An advance notice to park officers is required.Admission fee is 200 bath for adults and 100 bath for children.

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