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Visit Saraburi, Chat Shop, 3 most chic markets

Saraburi is not only good in terms of nature, gardens, flowers, waterfalls, but there are also many community markets decorated in chic style. Stylish atmosphere to eat, travel, shop, and get many beautiful photos. 1 day traveling in many markets. Get a lot of self-portrait

Roasted Market and Ban Rai Coffee Museum

Located in Nong Saeng District, both of which are located in one area Inside there are restaurants, cafes, OT top products from the villagers. As well as being dazzled by the Banrie Coffee Museum That exhibits antique appliances that are hard to find Inside the spacious area Which has a vintage shooting angle and various display angles To have fun taking pictures like going back to the past in the past


The entrance area will find a large brick wall. With ivy roots along the wall Get the mood of the old When entering, you will find a spacious lawn. With a traditional passenger bus, a wooden minibus and a rickshaw become a chic shooting corner.



Inside Ban Rai Coffee Museum That exhibits antique appliances That are many and very dazzled Including simulating various stores Including a barber shop, tailor’s shop, pawn shop, antique coffee shop, etc.



The fire station at the top is an antique coffee roaster. After roasting, there will be a loud signal Then the coffee beans will flow through the space in the basket to put below. Then bring the package to be sold to various places.



The area in the roasting market There are not many restaurants selling food including noodles, papaya salad, grilled chicken, pad Thai, desserts, tasty beverages, food and drinks. Personally, I still don’t get enough hearts to eat.



With seating to dine in various angles


Market, popcorn market, Ban Rae Museum, coffee, recreation place Sitting in a classic atmosphere. See the old antiques and feel the sweet days of yesterday. For those who like to take pictures, must approve Because there are many shooting angles to pose for chic positions

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